About me


Name: J.A. van Leeuwen (Johan)

Work summary:

For the last 15 years i worked with pleasure and dedication as a professional in the environmental services sector. The last years as a project leader soil remediation at the foundation for soil remediation at Dutch Railways (SBNS). In my whole professional career i always took on the hardest, most complex and innovative projects, like: the first dutch direct push injection with substrate (shockload treatment) for biological degradation and zero emission green in-situ remediation techniques.

I participated in committees, am an experienced speaker at conferences and lguest lecturing at Utrecht University for the course Environmental hydrogeology (since 2009),  and this year 2013 for two phase flow phenomena.


Johan van Leeuwen is a senior remediation expert and project manager at Dutch Railways (SBNS). Researching stimulated oil recovery under different temperatures, physical mobilization of residual DNAPL and anaerobic biological treatment of creosotes

Previously at BAM ($10B construction group) as risk assessment advisor. Specialized as a project leader in in-situ remediation and wastewater treatment. Working at innovative projects such as bioremedial in-situ remediation with use of different substrates and Shockload treatment for bioremediation of VOC’s.

Experience in research, contracting, in-situ remediation remediation techniques, and in with a passion for innovation and applying renewable energy sources. Specializing in behaviour of non aqueous phase liquids in the subsurface

Regular speaker at business seminars and conferences. Guest lecturer at Utrecht University Earth Sciences

PhD research proposal, currently assessed at Utrecht University, planning to start May 2014

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